And He said to them, “”Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. “”He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned. Mark 16:15-16 (NASB)

Card and Prayer Ministry

Visitation team members are scheduled each week to send out cards to our sick and our visitors to encourage them. We also pray for these members and families. In this way, we can better guarantee that no one is overlooked. In addition to our team members, we have many card warriors in the church who weekly serve the Lord’s body in this type of ministry.

Evangelism Outreach

Our outreach teams visit each week those requesting Bible studies, those who have needs they’ve brought to our attention, and those of our members that we haven’t seen in awhile. This is the mission field in our backdoor. Souls have been reached through these efforts that may have never been reached if willing hearts and feet have not ventured out into the community.

Bible Correspondence Courses

We offer free correspondence courses to anyone who is interested. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about God’s Word. We gladly send these courses out and grade them once they have been returned to us.

The Lord’s Way

We support Mack Lyon’s TV program that reaches out to many in the lost world. It runs each Sunday morning at WTAP and WOWK at 7:30 AM and has developed quite a popular following. Brother Lyon, in recently visiting with us, commented that our area seemed to have more that recognized him here than even in his hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma. We appreciate the opportunity to support his great work.

Mission Work

The following works are currently being sponsored by our congregation:

* Jerry Dyer – Hardin Valley Church of Christ – Knoxville, TN
* Andrew Pomaz – Ukraine
* Jim Waldron – India/Pakistan
* William Epler – Union Church of Christ – Union, WV
* Joshua Ball – Fishinger & Kenny Church of Christ – Columbus, OH
* Andy Robison – West Virginia School of Preaching – Moundsville, WV
* Search TV – Edmond, OK

Mission Trips

Besides the mission work we sponsor outside of our local church, we also have various members involved in undertaking mission trips. The Morlan family has undertaken many trips to Ukraine, and the Dyer family has been successful in Australia. Other places include New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Salem, West Virginia. Occasionally, other families from our congregation have joined them on these mission trips, providing much needed support and teaching.

Gospel Meetings

We schedule gospel meetings every year to not only edify our members but to reach out to the community. We have been blessed with a few new souls that have been baptized into Christ.

Gospel Tracts and Scripts

We offer many gospel tracts and scripts for members to hand out to their friends and neighbors as well as in our tract racks in the foyers of the building. These are helpful in leading others to Christ and to teach basic fundamentals.

Weekly Preaching

Our congregation employs a full-time preacher, Steven Haguewood, who serves the Lord’s church well. He preaches the truth without apologies, and members and visitors alike are edified each week to hear straight Bible preaching.

Annual Life Chain

Every year our congregation participates in the local Wood County Life Chain which silently protests against abortion. With nearly 4000 babies being aborted daily in this country, this is a message that greatly needs conveyed. During the second Sunday of every October for one hour, Christians stand along Grand Central Avenue holding signs and praying for the people that pass by. It is a great opportunity for all of the Lord’s children to demonstrate their faith in public.

Personal Bible Studies

Quite a few of our members are well trained in giving personal Bible studies to those who like the one-on-one opportunity. Many have come to know Christ through these efforts. If you would be interested in such an opportunity, please contact the church by phone or e-mail. We would love to be able to serve you in this regard.

Newspaper Articles

Web Page

We try to keep an informative and scholarly web page to reach those who explore the Internet. This can reach others beyond our local scope, as well as make those in our neighborhood learn more about us in the comfort of their own homes in their own time frames. We enjoy receiving e-mails that the site generates and answering questions of eternal value.

Relay for Life

Several members from the congregation form teams to participate in the annual Relay for Life. Our congregation is intimately aware of the devastation cancer can cause as we have lost several members to this dreaded disease.