Study to show thyself approved unto God.
2 Timothy 2:15

Bible Classes

We offer Bible classes for all ages on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. A variety of topics are covered, and we feel that many are enriched and nourished from taking advantage of this opportunity. Please check out our special page on Bible classes being offered at this time to learn more.

Summer Series

During the Summer quarter of each year, our members and visitors enjoy special lessons chosen by our elders from various guest speakers from our area. What a blessing in spiritual growth this opportunity has proven to be!

Bible Correspondence Courses

We offer free correspondence courses to anyone who is interested. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about God’s Word. We gladly send these courses out and grade them once they have been returned to us. This is not only an opportunity to be edified, but also acts as one of our outreach functions.

College Class

Terry Capel teaches a Sunday Bible class directed for anyone of college age. Steve McIntire is the Wednesday evening teachers with lessons on a variety of topics. All college students are welcome!

Teen Youth Group

This is a group of our young people in 7th through 12th grades. In addition to weekly Bible classes, monthly devotions, and annual Bible bowl, our teens participate in a wide range of service activities for the church and their community, including a puppet ministry during VBS. They also enjoy special fellowship activities designed to develop strong friendships within the church. Some of these activities have included game nights and a trip to King’s Island. Kevin & Melissa Grose, Josh & Mandy Kupfner, CJ & Natalie Vaughan, John & Megan Duncan, and a host of others work faithfully with this group of young hearts. Check out our special page for our teens to learn more.

Annual VBS

Each year during the summer months, our congregation offers a VBS week for all family members. The same topic is studied church wide to encourage family discussion after the services. This is a special time to invite friends and neighbors as well as sister congregations to join us in a very educational week.
Library Resources

Our library has a wide range of books and materials for personal Bible study. We always encourage each of our members to study daily from the Word of God.

Devotionals and Bible Study for Shut-ins

A few of our dedicated members provide educational opportunities for those who are no longer able to make it to worship. We should never stop growing in the Lord, and our shut-ins have benefited from this extra time to be with brothers and sisters in Christ.

Video and Audiotape Library

Our congregation, friends, and neighbors are greatly encouraged to ask for a video or audiotape on various topics of interest that will enrich their personal studies. We are greatly blessed to have members of our congregation who are mechanically inclined to record preaching and teaching that have occurred here at North End over the years. Audiotapes are categorized according to subject and a catalogue is available for your convenience.

Church Bulletin

Every Sunday a church bulletin is provided for all that attend services that offer articles from various ministers and sister congregations as well as announcements for the congregation.


Each week our congregation is offered several quality periodicals to choose from for additional reading and study. These are placed on a table in front of the congregation each Wednesday evening as well as some being offered in the racks in the foyer. Some of these include Christian Bible Teacher, Discovery: Scripture and Science for Kids, Gospel Minutes, Truth in Love, The Spiritual Sword, and West Virginia Christian. We are blessed with many talented writers who have had some of their articles published within these periodicals.

In addition to those periodicals that are available at the church, the devotional book, Power For Today, is delivered to our congregational member’s homes.

Door Greeters

Many of our members participate in acting as door greeters to those who come to service. They offer a friendly face, a warm handshake, and a heart of love to begin our day in fellowship and worship.

Women’s Ministry

The women of our congregation offer many areas of service to our congregation. Although the Scriptures forbid a woman to preach or exercise authority over men of the congregation, the service of women were always of great benefit to the early church and still is at North End. Our women are very active in most areas of the church and provide much comfort to their fellow saints. For more information about what all they do, please check out their page on our site.

Men’s Ministry

Our men work hard in the church and provide many services that benefit the saints at North End. To learn more about the services they provide, please check out their page on our site.

Area Wide Sings

Most every Friday night a sister congregation in our area hosts a sing. Song leaders from different churches help lead fellow saints in glorifying the Father in song. It is a wonderful time to meet other saints from sister congregations.

Mid-Ohio Valley Christian Youth Camp

Our members are fortunate to also have another camp available to them fairly close at hand in Waterford, Ohio. Many of our young people choose this camp for young Christian fellowship. Our members have taken active parts in serving as leaders, counselors, teachers, cooks, and nurses.”